Terms & Conditions

1Med allows health care providers to enhance their service with secure video consultations, and patients to consult health care providers from the privacy and convenience of the location they choose. This means personal information and personal health information is collected by 1Med. This information is highly sensitive and protected by the is protected by The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada) (PIPEDA) and all applicable provincial and territorial personal health information protection legislation throughout Canada. 1Med is committed to safeguard it at the corresponding level. This Privacy Policy describes the physical, technological and administrative measures we implement to safeguard personal and personal health information. We comply with privacy law and we honour the trust of our users by taking every necessary measure to protect personal and personal health information.

By law, personal information is information that relates to an identifiable individual, to the exclusion of business contact information (name, title, work address, work phone number or work email address). Personal health information includes information that relates to an identifiable individual’s health, physical or mental, health history including family health history, or medical treatment.

If we update this Privacy Policy, we will notify you.

Our commitment

1Med will never collect, use or disclose personal or personal health information without the consent of the individual it relates to.

1Med safeguards personal and personal health information on the basis of risk assessments and industry standards regarding physical security, technological security and administrative policies and processes, as explained further below.

1Med complies with all applicable personal health information legislation where it operates.