Allied Health Professionals

Extending your care team to optimize your wellbeing.

At 1Med, we believe in a holistic approach to your health. This includes the integration of allied health professionals whose expertise compliments the traditional medical care provided by physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners.

1Med has built an exclusive network of trusted health professionals to help 1Med clients make progress on their health goals, improve their quality of life, and achieve optimal health. These professionals include:

Lisa Spriet & Navreeti Sharma, Nutri Pro Can

Experts in genetic testing, personalised nutrition counselling and nutrition planning for children and adults. Our expert colleagues can help you eat according to your genes, improve your digestive health, lose weight and prevent and manage chronic disease.

Jeff Lewis, Garnet Orthopedic Solutions

More than just “foot experts”, your pedorthist conducts biomechanical assessments including posture and gait analysis. They also provide custom orthotics, sandals and compression stockings. They help clients reduce chronic pain related to injuries or gait. They also help prevent future pain or mobility issues by finding and addressing anatomical or gait issues early.

Carrie Martin

Mental health is a critical component of overall wellbeing. Our mental health colleagues provide counselling, including psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy, to help 1Med clients address ongoing or active mental health concerns, tackle an emergent or existing addiction and make lasting behaviour changes to optimize health.

Trina Kennedy,

These health professionals combine the ancient wisdom of acupuncture and botanical medicine with the latest innovations in LED light therapy, hormone replacement and IV nutrient drips and injections. Working with a naturopath can help boost the efficacy and reduce the side effects of cancer treatment, improve skin appearance, and reduce the signs of ageing; Their strategies can help reduce stress, boost immunity, and improve your overall health.

Personal Trainers
Anna Mary Yoder,

Take advantage of tailored fitness programs and personal training plans to increase your overall strength and stamina, correct muscle imbalances, avoid and prevent injuries and reach your personal fitness, weight loss, and sport performance goals.

Initial consults for all Allied Health Professionals are free for 1Med clients.

If you’re interested in one or more of these services, please send your inquiry to Nicole through the 1Med app and we’ll be happy to make an introduction.

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